May 18 2011

Big, Historic Day in Naturopathic History!

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Our amazing team of NDs, patients, family and employees put on a successful lobby day in Albany yesterday. We had over 60 meetings, signed on many new sponsors for the bill AND the licensing bill passed the Senate Higher Education Committee, 16 voted yes, 2 no and 1 without recommendation.

See this article in the Albany Times Union today!

What is next?

We’ll be meeting with the State Education Department and the Senate Finance Committee members. Goal is for the bill to pass the Senate in the next few weeks.

What can you do?

Post comments about why licensure for NDs in important in this blog

Post this link in your Facebook and Linkedin page asking everyone in NY to send an email to their legislators:

The message:

  • Naturopathic Doctors fill a GAP in the health care system in New York
  • NDs know how to prevent chronic illness, and thus decrease health care costs
  • NDs need to be licensed to diagnose and treat so that patients have access to their care

We are in this together! Your participation matters.
Dr. Doni Wilson

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2 Responses to “Big, Historic Day in Naturopathic History!”

  1. Lola says:

    great news for all!
    I salute your effort!

  2. Diana Brantley says:

    We need ND’s in every state especially New York State! ND’s first and foremost practice is disease prevention through diet and natural means! Don’t you realize how much money this will save the Insurance companies?

    Please pass the bill! This will save the entire population in medical treatment and hospital expenses and will balance Medicine with the allopathic practitioners so that ND’s will get the respect they deserve! This will also keep Big Pharma in check so they can’t get the whole population on drugs. We need to go back to natural methods because too many people are dying from drugs being prescribed that kill people.

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